Things to look at with regards to compliance:
1. Have you renewed your liquor licence?
2. Do you have a copy of the original licence issued on the premises?
3. Do you have a nominated manager responsible for the liquor licence?
4. Is this nominated manager a resident of the Western Cape?
5. Do you store liquor in a different place than on the licensed premises?
6. Has the nature of your business changed since the licence was issued?
7. Has the shareholding of the holder of the licence changed more than 5%?
8. Is the entity or person currently selling the liquor, the holder of the liquor licence?
9. Have you extended or altered the premises?
10. Do you have more than 150litres of liquor in your possession and you do not have the necessary consent from the Presiding Officer?
11. Do you want to buy more than 150litres of liquor but you are not allowed?
12. Do your conditions make provision for the charge of a fee for tasting?
13. Do you manufacture liquor that is not allowed in terms of the licence conditions, i.e. you may only manufacture wine but you also wish to manufacture brandy, beer etc?
14. Do you have on & off consumption on the same premises, but only have an licence for either on or either off consumption?


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