Bars have duty to monitor risky behaviour amid Covid-19 – WC Liquor Authority


The Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) says bars and pubs have the responsibility to act against drunk and disorderly conduct that may lead to Covid-19 non-compliance.

WCLA spokesperson Nwabisa Mpalala-Sobuza says taking steps against drunk and disorderly patrons is a condition of every liquor licence.

Liquor licence holders who fail to uphold the conditions of their licence could face serious sanctions, Mpalala-Sobuza adds.

Since the start of the lockdown in March, the WCLA has conducted 190 investigations linked to liquor licence contraventions.

During this period, 49 licences were suspended. While 48 of them were later reinstated, one licence was revoked.

Last week, Tin Roof owner James Truter told CapeTalk that he was not responsible for policing the actions of his patrons.

This comes after at least 73 Covid-19 cases were linked to an event held at Tin Roof in Claremont. 

“Liquor licence conditions stipulate that the owner of the establishment should have proper control of the environment to ensure the safety of their patrons.
It is the responsibility of each and every liquor licence holder to ensure that these licence conditions are adhered to at all times.
Each responsibility rests squarely with the licence holder and the contravention of such conditions can result in a serious sanction such as a hefty fine, a suspension of the licence and in more serious cases, a revocation of the licence.”

– Nwabisa Mpalala-Sobuza, Acting Head of Communications – Western Cape Liquor Authority.



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