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Liquor Licence

How to apply for a liquor licence

If you want to sell or manufacture liquor in the Western Cape, you must have a valid liquor licence. You have to apply for your liquor licence in terms of section 36 of the Western Cape Liquor Act (4 / 2008). 

Different types of liquor licences

There are 4 different types of liquor licences you can apply for. Before you start your application process, study the application form in detail to ensure that you submit the correct documentation.  

Three arrested for selling liquor without a licence

From Germiston City News:

The Primrose police continued to crack down on the illegal sale of alcohol in their precinct through several operations within the area.

“The operations aimed to curb the illegal sale of alcohol, loud music and crimes we believe are related to alcohol abuse, like assault, domestic violence and rape,” said Sgt Styles Maome, communications officer for the Primrose police.

Metro, board check on taverns

The city’s metro police will be inspecting taverns across the metro together with liquor board representatives.

The aim is to assess compliance with liquor laws while investigating possible links to crime in the areas, metro police chief Yolande Faro said.

Faro was speaking at a safety and security portfolio committee meeting on Tuesday.

She was presenting the status of ongoing metro police operations.

Since the beginning of the year, the city has had several tavern inspections, with non-compliant taverns issued with fines starting at about R2,500.

Don’t let the new liquor licence laws drive you to drink - Here's what you need to know

Changes in the way alcohol is distributed, marketed and sold in South Africa have been on the cards for some time now, with lengthy public discussions and ongoing debates. The Liquor Products Amendment Bill was finally passed on 13 June 2018 and is currently before Parliament for discussion and voting. The Western Cape and Gauteng are likely to be hardest hit when these new laws come into effect.



Western Cape liquor regulations update – Game changer?

The Western Cape has followed suit by amending the Western Cape Liquor Act 2008 (as amended by the Western Cape Liquor Amendment Act 2015) and introducing tougher new conditions for licensees.

Over the past year we’ve seen the tightening up of national liquor laws, in an effort to address serious alcohol-related social issues in South Africa, such as our shamefully high rates of road traffic accidents and domestic violence (67% of domestic violence incidents involve alcohol).

In the post we’ll look at the implications of the new Western Cape liquor regulations.


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